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Our menstrual panties are feminine and elegant but above all they are very efficient.

Did you know that millions of women suffer from vaginal infections every year? These infections are sometimes caused by synthetic materials in contact with your skin, harmful products in the underwear you wear or certain sanitary products you use.

Synthetic materials trap heat, perspiration and moisture, creating a breeding ground for bacteria. As for disposable sanitary pads, some studies have made public the presence of chemicals and endocrine disruptors in their manufacturing process ...

That's why EtthiQ menstrual panties are only made of GOTS certified organic cotton and Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified materials. Your intimate parts are therefore only in contact with natural materials absent of chemical, toxic or allergenic substances and without endocrine disruptors.

The guarantee of an effective and healthy protection for your period!


The perfect combination between technology and sustainable materials

The secret of EtthiQ menstrual panties is in the gusset. This combination of high-performance layers allows you to stay protected and dry for up to 12 hours.

1. Draining layer in soft organic cotton that ensures rapid absorption and avoids the feeling of wetness;

2. Absorbent layer made of tencel™ that allows a healthy aborption of light to heavy flows;

3. Waterproof and highly breathable layer that allows air circulation and quick drying preventing the risk of leaks, odours and infection.

All this in no more than a few millimeters thicker than your usual underwear.

Care for your EtthiQ menstrual panties

Whether it is made of lace or tulle, your EtthiQ panties are delicate and precious. Take care of them so they last as long as possible.


Here are our 3-step simple maintenance tips:


Rinse with cold water after each use in the sink, shower or basin until the water runs clear.

*Do not let soak so your menstrual panties are preserved for longer


Machine wash or by hand depending on what suits you. A wash bag is a plus that will protect your menstrual panties and prolong its usability.

*No oily soap, fabric softener or bleach


Let it air dry.

*No dryer, no heater, no iron.


Shared values that bring us together

We work with beautiful family businesses to manufacture our menstrual panties. Our partners are located in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.

Whether it is our textile providers or the workshop which manufactures our delightful menstrual panties, each satisfies our high criteria of quality. They are also very concerned about their impact on the environment and have certifications that guarantee ethical practices.

These wonderful companies share our values and provide their employees with good working conditions (safe environment, reasonable hours, telecommuting, competitive wages, no forced or child labor, ... )



The choice of fabrics and materials that make up our menstrual panties is the most important part of our design process. We have chosen materials of the highest quality and certifications.


We fully adhere to the idea of responsible fashion (slow fashion). For this, we offer a timeless and durable collection. Our menstrual panties are comfortable and of superior quality that will endure provided the care instructions are followed.



The textile industry is one that unfortunately pollutes a lot. The future of our planet will certainly require a collective change in our production methods and consumption habits. Since every effort counts, at EtthiQ we will continue to reinvent ourselves yet always make choices that are good for you and for the environment.



From the cotton farmer to the wonderful seamstresses who carefully sews our menstrual panties, we ensure that everyone involved in our production chain is treated fairly and with respect.

We develop our products based on the values we hold dear

No compromise with your style, your comfort, your health nor
the environment!