Our story

Having been diagnosed with uterine fibroids during her first pregnancy, Laëtitia, the founder of EtthiQ, experienced disruptive changes to her menstrual cycle after giving birth. Through researching possible causes of her condition, she was surprised to discovered how some feminine hygiene products used by millions of women, herself included, were potentially unhealthy and extremely wasteful.

She's since dedicated her time reflecting about healthier, natural and eco-responsible alternatives to deal with her period which ultimately lead to the creation of the EtthiQ brand in 2020.

After 2 years of development and testing, EtthiQ officially launched in 2022, proudly offering innovative menstrual lingerie produced with organic, certified and/or recycled materials to help women feel feminine, confident and good in their bodies at every moment of their cycle and at every stage of their life.

Today, EtthiQ's mission is to accompany you during your period with elegance, femininity and pride!

A word from our Founder

❝Like many of you, for years I've been looking for the best menstrual protection that would allow me to live my menstrual cycle serenely, particularly after my pregnancies.

We have worked for more than two years designing durable yet elegant menstrual panties, focusing on the quality of raw materials and the know-how of our professional and passionate partners.

I hope this new, innovative milestone in women's menstruation will exceed your expectations and let you break free from traditional hygiene products!❞


We have your back !


Our period panties are conceptualized and designed in Montreal, Canada.

We work with accredited, European factories because we care about the people who help make our beautiful menstrual lingerie. Every partner we work with holds certificates assuring European standards of good working conditions and fair pay. 

All selected fabrics are ethically-sourced, organic and have a low environmental impact. Our materials are certified by trusted global organizations (GOTS, OEKO-TEX®, OCS and GRS - Find out more).

No toxic chemicals, no silver nanoparticles and no endocrine disruptors. We will always be here for you!

Quality should not be a luxury


We are not among those who sell period panties at low cost. Behind these prices often hides unethical manufacturing and materials of poor quality that can deteriorate quickly.

At EtthiQ, we guarantee that our products are made in Europe under the best possible conditions and that everyone who works on our products is fairly compensated.

Our mission will always be to offer you ethics at an affordable price. Our prices reflect the quality and long-lasting aspect of our menstrual panties, but at a fair price so that they can be accessible to as many people as possible.

From the design of our products to the moment they end up in your hands.


EtthiQ products are designed and manufactured following an ethical, timeless, durable and feminine production model.

Our collection will grow over time offering more styles, sizes and colors, but it will not be renewed at a breakneck pace typically seen in fast fashion brands.

Regarding delivery, our products ship from Montreal. Orders are prepared with love and packaged in biodegradable, recyclable and/or reusable packaging and shipping materials. No superfluous packaging or plastic overwrapping, because like you, our panties don't need fluff to be beautiful.

Supporting causes that are close to our hearts


A study conducted in 2018 by Plan International Canada showed that 23% of Canadian women don't have the financial means to purchase menstrual products. We find this situation unacceptable! EtthiQ is doing its part by donating a portion of its profits to help women living through financial hardship. We at EtthiQ are equally engaged in campaigning so that more and more Quebec and Canadian municipalities offer grants on all reusable menstrual products.


We are a young company hoping that one day all women can have access to menstrual products that are good for their bodies and also the planet. Throughout our journey, we are committed to working closely with you, the users of our products, to provide the best experience during your period.

We are not perfect! We may make mistakes along the way… but we promise to always improve and meet our commitments to our customers!

Thank you for being part of our journey and please feel free to contact us with any suggestions or comments.

We are inspired by our customers, our friends and the women around us to offer you menstrual panties that feel familiar.

We promote self-confidence, freedom of expression and the lifting of taboos in order to advance a world where everyone can find their place and feel comfortable in their body.